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The heart of THEØFFICE is thoughtfully divided into distinct areas, seamlessly blending all our concepts. The serene Wintergarten serves as a delightful cafe and cocktail bar, enchanting guests with a selection of national Armenian dishes and signature cocktails. Meanwhile, the Scanner Club buzzes with techno and EDM music in a captivating ambiance. Experience the art of film development at Karmir Film, and explore your creative side at FF Tattoo Place, where tattoos and piercings are crafted. Additionally, we offer a dedicated co-working space that fosters collaboration, innovation, and artistic synergy among like-minded individuals.

Constructed and designed with an industrial manner, highlighted with the large windows and a lot of sunlight through it, we bring you the green area called "wintergarden".

photo_2022-06-29 18.33.30.jpeg

For those seeking creative inspiration during their workday, our extensive selection of books will be available within the co-working space, so you can get a creative boost and broaden your horizons while enjoying the collaborative atmosphere. 


Presenting you a unique itself platform for the electronic music events called the "SCANNER". Here we introduce you the most distinctive and innovative stage of our space.

The Office - Scanner_01.jpg

We believe that filmography/photography is the most aesthetic, special, constructive, and contemporary direction of fine art. Nowadays when everything goes digital "KARMIR LAB" team is valuing the maintenance to keep the production original and classic.


Your premier destination for body art transformation.

IMG_0593 2.HEIC

More than a barbershop,. Experience personalized transformations by artists in a space celebrating your individuality.

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