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[boshki project]

Welcome to the wonderful world of beauty - "BOSHKI PROJECT"! We are not just a beauty salon, but a place where every client becomes an integral part of our friendly family. Our non-standard approach to work begins with the fact that we communicate with everyone on "you", creating an atmosphere of trust and understanding.


Here you will meet not only professional masters with extensive experience, but also real artists who realize your every idea into a unique work of art on your head. Our salon is not just a place where you can take care of your appearance, but a whole world where every detail is a part of our creativity.


In addition to haircuts, coloring, bio curls and styling, we offer individual tattoos that emphasize your style and character. At boshki project we believe that beauty is more than just appearance. Come to us for a unique experience where every haircut, every shade and every line of our tattoos is a story of your unique beauty!

For an appointment for services write to our instagram @boshki_project

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