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about us

Welcome to the multi-conceptual and contemporary art space

THEØFFICE, the space where you are free to unleash your true self and experience true freedom and equality.



Former national Book/Press Chamber inherited from the Soviet Union times. The building saved its main architecture with solemn and magnificent columns on the front side and has irreplaceable cultural meaning, as was the largest pressroom and national cultural monument of Armenia/Yerevan. This complex was designed as a building of the General Department of Printing Industry.


The space we created has been revived and transformed into a multi-functional and multi-conceptual urban space bringing together a range of different and modern concepts as well as enthusiastic individuals ready to stretch their minds with new experiences united under the name THE OFFICE. The venue itself is prepared to open its doors to all aspects of art: music, painting, fashion, film making, photography and more to explore.

THE OFFICE essential area has been separated into various parts to bring all our concepts one together. The sections: [wintergarden], including co-working space), club called [scanner] film [karmir film], [showroom] and more to visit and see).


Our Visions and Values are all about getting inspired by art and sharing love. Whether you want to get down and curious with the modern and creative crowd, here we want to make a place where all our visitors will have the satisfaction to be, to discuss latest trends, to follow modern art, or just have a chill-out session, we are here to make all these real and safe. Just come as you are and allow yourself to be immersed in the fiercely alive community.

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