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User agreement

Signing place: Republic of Armenia, Yerevan


The third person who accepted the offer posted on the Internet at , on the one hand, and "THEØFFICE" Limited Liability Company, acting on the basis of the company's charter, on the other hand, jointly and severally referred to as "Parties" and/or "Party" respectively, entered into this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) as follows:

Terms and Definitions

1.1. Unless otherwise expressly provided in the text of the Agreement, the following terms and definitions in this Agreement shall have the following meanings:


  • Company: "THEØFFICE" LLC, a legal entity established in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, Address: Yerevan, Teryan str. 91, 0009.

  • Event: An event organised by the Company (Club Night, Concert, etc.) for Users.

  • User: Any person who has accepted the offer posted on the website .

  • Order: A request to participate in an Event, duly made by the User through the Website, indicating the User's intention to enter into a transaction with the Company for the purpose of purchasing Ticket(s) on the Website. The Ticket certifies the Company's obligation to hold the Event and grants the User the right to participate in the Event on the date, time, and place specified in the Ticket.

  • Website: A platform consisting of information, design, graphic elements, images, photo and video materials, and other results of intellectual activity, through which access to such information is provided on the Internet at . The website is an Internet resource intended for the publication of various Events held by the Company and for obtaining information about them.

  • Ticket: A record in the Website's registration system used as confirmation of the User's right to enter into a transaction and participate in an Event. The sale of tickets represents the conclusion of Transactions. Furthermore, the User can purchase only one Ticket for Club Nights within the framework of one Transaction, and one or more for concerts and other events.

  • When the ticket is sold, it is provided to the User in the form of an electronic document that contains the essential terms of the transaction, except for the price, which may not coincide with the transaction price.


1.2. The rest of the terms and concepts mentioned in the Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

1.3. The names of chapters, sections, and articles are intended solely for the convenience of using the text and have no legal significance.

Subject of the contract

2.1. The Company provides the User with the opportunity to use the Website in accordance with the procedure and conditions defined by this Agreement, and the User undertakes to use the Website under the conditions defined by this Agreement, if necessary.

2.2. Based on the contract, the User has the opportunity to use the Website, particularly by accessing information about the Events posted on the Website, as well as by participating in the Events by placing an Order, performing actions according to the procedure provided by the Provider (including registration and filling out the appropriate verification application, if necessary), and receiving confirmation upon completion, followed by receiving a Ticket from the Company.

Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. The User is obliged to:

  • 3.1.1. Properly perform its obligations under this Agreement and the terms of the Agreement.

  • 3.1.2. Familiarize oneself with the current version of this Agreement each time visiting the Website until using the Website.

  • 3.1.3. Strictly follow and observe the rules for using the Website.

  • 3.1.4. Provide only reliable, correct, and complete information on the website and under no circumstances mislead the Company and/or other Users and/or third parties. The User does not have the right to register on the Website under another person's name or to name or represent oneself in the name of another person.

  • 3.1.5. Independently verify the data of the Order before placing it. The User is responsible for the accuracy and legality of the data provided for the order.

  • 3.1.6. Familiarize oneself with the information about the Event (content, procedure, place, time, conditions, etc.) before placing the Order. If the User does not fully understand the terms of the Event, including the payment terms, the User undertakes to clarify them. If the conditions cannot be verified, the User undertakes to decline the Order and participation in the Event.

  • 3.1.7. Familiarize oneself with the conditions and rules related to payment methods.

  • 3.1.8. Pay the Ticket (Order) in full, independently, or through other persons.

3.2. The Company has the right to:

  • 3.2.1. Terminate, suspend, and/or block the User's access to the Website if the Company believes that the User's activity poses a threat to the Website and/or other Users and/or third parties, or if the User violates the terms of the Agreement or other requirements of the Company.

  • 3.2.2. Refuse to process the User's Order without giving an explanation of the reasons.

  • 3.2.3. Unilaterally change the technologies and conditions of the Website.

  • 3.2.4. At its sole discretion and without obtaining the User's additional consent, change and/or remove any information entered or posted on the Site by the User.

  • 3.2.5. Stop the operation of the Website, carry out preventive works on the Website, and make modifications.

  • 3.2.6. Send information and advertising messages to the User and other persons whose information is entered by the User on the Website, both to the email address specified on the Website and by sending a message to the phone number specified on the Website. The User hereby gives consent to receive such messages and guarantees that the persons about whom they have entered information on the Site has also given their consent to receive such messages.

  • 3.2.7. Verify the data of the User, as well as of other persons specified by the User, according to the Company's and/or the Performer's criteria. Additionally, the Company has the right to require the User to provide identification, as well as other necessary documents and data identifying the User. In case of failure to provide the required documents and/or data, the Company has the right to suspend/block the User's access to the Website and prohibit the User from using the Website. The types and forms of presentation of identification documents and data are independently defined by the Company.

  • 3.2.8. Contact the User through the means of communication specified by the User.

  • 3.2.9. After purchasing the Ticket(s), the Company shall issue a refund only in case of cancellation of the Event and/or when the User's access to the Event Area is prohibited.

Personal information

4.1. In the event that the User enters his/her data (including personal data) on the Website or otherwise transmits it to the Company and/or the Contractor, the User hereby gives consent to the Company and/or the Contractor to collect, process, store, transfer, remove, and block their data, both with and without the use of automated means.

4.2. Regarding personal data, the Company's policy complies with the requirements stipulated by the RA legislation.

Dispute resolution

5.1. The contract and all relations arising from it are governed by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. Disputes between the parties are subject to resolution in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

5.2. All disputes, disagreements, or claims related to the performance of the Agreement, termination of operation, or invalidation of the Agreement shall be sought to be resolved through negotiations by the Parties. The party with whom the disagreements and/or claims have arisen should send a message to the other party at or to the postal address, indicating the claims and/or disagreements that have arisen.

5.3. Within 15 (fifteen) business days after receiving the message specified in Clause 5.2 of this Agreement, the receiving Party shall send a response to the message.

5.4. In the event that the Party sending the message does not receive a response from the other Party within 17 (seventeen) working days or the dispute is not resolved, it shall be subject to resolution through the judicial procedure established by RA legislation.

Entry into force of the contract, modification of conditions

6.1. This Agreement, the text of which is permanently located on the Internet at , contains all the essential terms of the Agreement and is an offer by "The Office" LLC to conclude an Agreement with the User under the conditions specified in the text of this Agreement. Thus, according to Part 2 of Article 453 of the RA Civil Code, the text of this Agreement for the provision of services through the use of the Internet is considered a public offer.

6.2. Pursuant to Part 3 of Article 454 of the RA Civil Code, the performance of any of the following actions by any third party is considered a proper acceptance of this offer:

  • 6.2.1. Entering information in the registration form and verifying the authenticity of the data by clicking the "Continue" or "Register" button.

6.3. The contract is considered concluded from the moment of clicking the "Continue" or "Register" button.

6.4. The Company may unilaterally refuse to perform this Agreement (terminate this Agreement out of court) by placing the appropriate notification on the Website and/or notifying the User thereof at any time. The operation of the Agreement is considered terminated from the moment of posting the notice on the website or sending it to the User. The user can unilaterally refuse to fulfill this Agreement at any time by sending an email about it to the Company at or to the postal address.

6.5. The parties to this Agreement agree that the Company may make unilateral changes to the Agreement by posting the amended text of the Agreement at . By using the Site, the User agrees to the changes. In case of disagreement with the changes, the User stops using the Website.

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