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Constructed and designed with an industrial manner, highlighted with the large windows and a lot of sunlight through it, we bring you the green area called "wintergarden".

photo_2022-06-29 18.33.30.jpeg

This side of the space has the concept to transform into many options as an art gallery, cafeteria, chilling bar and including co-working office area.

With its welcoming appeal to become your favorite.

Here we keep and care about a wide assortment of subtropical, exotic, and domestic plants and flowers. This little corner of nature and sunshine is infused with the endless music of DISCO funk, hip-hop, jazz, experimental, house, and electronic genres. It's in the vision to host many cultural events and gatherings.

photo_2022-06-29 18.39.39.jpeg
photo_2022-06-29 18.39.34.jpeg
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