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3/1/24, 3:00 PM


Another exciting workshop coming this Friday with Ogazón, who will go into the depths of playing vinyl. She will talk about why she plays vinyl and everything that goes into it, from digging records to systematic storage and how to get started. Ogazón's simple, old-school approach to DJing stands out in 2023. She doesn't exploit social media or play too fast or too poppy. She loves groove and only plays vinyl. Her taste in records spans old and new, with a particular relish for classic labels like Ostgut Ton, Figure, and Rawax. About 10 or 15 years ago, the lineups of Europe's top clubs and festivals would have been filled with DJs like Ogazón. But today, she's outnumbered.

Register for the workshop here and see you as usual at Amphitheatre.

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